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Welcome to Dunboyne Herbs

Sean Boylan is a fifth generation traditional herbalist. Herbs and Remedies have been used by the Boylan family for generations to cure and relieve the symptoms of illness.

The pharmaceutical drugs used by doctors today are derived from the plants traditionally used by herbalists. Using these plants in its traditional way is gentler on the body as it works in harmony with the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Unfortunately, not all ailments can be fully cured, but where we cannot cure the ailment, we strive to make life more comfortable by reducing the pain or other symptoms of the underlying condition.



We would like to welcome our new practitioner Clodagh Mulvey to our team here at Dunboyne Herbs. Clodagh is a registered Reflexologist and Herbalist with a keen interest in Iridology. Clodagh treats many conditions including bowel disorders, skin complaints, stress and hormone imbalances. For more information on Clodagh Mulvey please see the Practitioners section above.


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